Pilot Switches

Pilot Switches
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2 Wire Pilot Safety Switch 732, and 732C (Yellow & White Wire) (BDP, Bryant, Day&Night Carrier)
Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, Payne Part Number 2-Wire Pilot Safety.•236B8E•>Differential Expansio..
Ex Tax: $206.56
2H Pilot Safety Switch W/Out Glow Coil This Pilot is for older Model Furnaces. (LIMITED SUPPLY OBSOL
Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, Payne Pilot Safety Pilot Burner used on Older Model Furnaces: ..
Ex Tax: $135.35
3 Wire Pilot Safety Switch. ( Yellow, White & Green wire) (Carrier BDP)
Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, Payne Furnaces use this 3-wire Pilot740A Electronic Ignition Switch ..
Ex Tax: $161.88
Air Switching Cumulator (Johnson Controls)
Manufacturer: Johnson Controls Description: CUMULATOR AIR SWITCHING Category: Pneumatic Contro..
Ex Tax: $230.52
Automatic Pilot Thermocouple Safety Switch.100% SHUTOFF (Johnson Controls, Baso)
Baso automatic pilot switches are wired to interrupt the automatic main gas valve circuit if the p..
Ex Tax: $224.60
Carrier Manual Reset Pilot Safety Control
New Upgraded Pilot Safety Control Part Specifications for Part Number EF53FB020 Model : C591A C..
Ex Tax: $169.00
Pilot Switch 100% Shut-Off Thermocouple Type.
Carrier, Bryant, Payne Pilot Safety Switch Part Specifications for Part Number HH71MB066Model : .C..
Ex Tax: $141.17
Thermocouple Mag Safety Control (Johnson Controls)
Thermocouple Mag Safety Control (Johnson Controls)Replaces Thermocouple Safety Part Numbers: 850-1..
Ex Tax: $123.09
Thermocouple Pilot Safety Switch.
UNIVERSAL PHOTO USED:100% Safety Control Description:Thermocouple Switch, Non Inductive rating @ 1..
Ex Tax: $130.37
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