Compressor Start Kit Direct Factory Replacement Part (ICP Equipment)

Compressor Start Kit Direct Factory Replacement Part (ICP Equipment)
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Compressor Start Kit Direct Factory Replacement Part (ICP Equipment)

Replaces Start Kit Part Numbers:704415 CAR1053137 .

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

867.814467 AG030GA1 AG036GA1 CA1018QKA2 CA1018VKA2 CA1030VKA2 CA1060QKA2 CA1060VKA2 CA3024QKA1 CA3036VHA1 CA3048VHA1 CA3048VLA1 CA3060VHA1 CA3060VLA1 CA5030VKB1 CA5060QKA2 CA5060VKA2 CA7518QKA1 CA7518VKA1 CA7524QKA1 CA7524VKA1 CA7530QKA1 CA7530VKA1 CA7536QKA1 CA7536VKA1 CA7536VKA2 CA7542QKA1 CA7542VKA1 CA7542VKA2 CA7548QKA1 CA7548VKA1 CA7560QKA1 CA7560VKA1 CH3012QKA2 CH3018QKA2 CH3024QKA2 CH3030QKA2 CH3036QKA2 CH3042QKA1 CH3048QKA1 CH5018QKA1 CH5018VKA1 CH5024QKA1 CH5024VKA1 CH5030VKA1 CH5036QKA1 CH5036VKA1 CH5042QKA1 CH5042VKA1 CH5048QKA1 CH5048VHA1 CH5048VKA1 CH5060QKA1 CH5060VKA1 CH5530QKA1 CH5530VKA1 CH5536QKA1 CH5536VKA1 CH7524QKA1 HPFM60K000E HR811018 KSSE18G1 KSSE24G1 KSSE30G1 KSSE36G1 PA5560AKA5 PAPA60GA5 PGAA60D1K9 PGAA60E1K9 PGAA60G1K9 PGAD60E1K7 PGAD60G1K7 PGMD60G0909 PGMD60G1159 PGMD60G1509 PGME60G1157 PGME60G1507 PH5560AKA6 PHAD60N1K6 PHF060K000E PYMC60G6 PYPA60GA6 YG024GC1 YG030GC1 YG036GC1 YG042GC1 YG048GC1 YG060GC1 CH5530UKA2 867.814472 867.820811 867.820822 867.820841 867.820850 867.821910 867.821920 867.821930 867.821931 867.821940 867.821950 867.821960 CH4018VKA1 CH4024VKA1 CH4030VKA1 CH4036VKA1 CH5524QKA1 CH5524QKA2 CH5524VKA1 CH5524VKA2 CH5530QKA2 CH5530VKA2 CH5536QKA2 CH5536VKA2 CH5536VKB1 CH5542VKB1 NCAD024AB01 NCAD029AB01 NCAD037AB01 NCAD042AB01 NCAD048AB01 NCAD058AB01 NCHA018AK01 NCHA024AK01 NCHA029AK01 NCHA035AK01 NCHA035AK02 NCHA035AK03 NCHA041AK01 NCHA041AK02 NCHA041AK03 NCHA047AK01 NCHA047AK02 NCHA058AK01 NCHA058AK02 NCHAA18AK01 NCHAA24AK01 NCHAA29AK01 NCHAA30AK01 NCHAA35AK01 NCHAA41AK01 NCHAA47AK01 NCHAA47AK02 NCHAA58AK01 NCHBA18AK02 NCHBA18VK01 NCHBA23AK01 NCHBA23VK01 NCHBA24AK01 NCHBA29AK01 NCHBA29AK02 NCHBA29VK01 NCHBA35AK02 NCHBA35VK01 NPHCB25AK03 NPHCB29AK05 NPHCB36AK01 NPHCB36AK05

Model: CAP53137

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