1/2" H43 Series BASO? Automatic Pilot Valve w/Manual Shutoff 32? to 175?f

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Manufacturer: Baso Gas Products

Description: 1/2"AutoPltVlv 32 to 175f

Category: Gas Valves

H43 Series BASO® Automatic Pilot Valve with Manual Shutoff

The H43 Series BASO valve is a combination A valve, B valve, and automatic pilot valve. A manual valve handle with On, Off, and Pilot positions allows operation of the valve without a thermostat. Applications include room heaters, wall furnaces, and commercial cooking.

Features and Benefits

♦ Compact Permits installation in dimensionally-restricted applications

♦ Safe Lighting Interlock Allows gas flow only to the pilot at the time of lighting

♦ Shutoff Lock Requires pull button to be lifted and turned to Off position, preventing inadvertent shutoff of the pilot


The H43 valve is designed to provide safe lighting and complete shutoff of pilot and main burner gas. An interlock between the manual valve handle and the reset button allows gas flow only to the pilot during pilot lighting. The control shuts off both main and pilot gas if the pilot flame is extinguished. The manual valve controls both main and pilot gas.

H43 valves are suitable for use with natural gas, Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas, and LP gas-air mixtures at pressures up to 35 mbar (0.5 psi). Models H43_A with a standard power unit are suitable for operation over a temperature range of 0 to 80ºC (32 to 175ºF). Models H43_B with a high temperature power unit are suitable for operation over a temperature range of 0 to 120ºC (32 to 250ºF).


The H43 valve contains a plug valve with multiple drillings, which allows it to serve as both the main burner valve and pilot valve. The valve handle indicates the operating position. Safe lighting is accomplished by a positive interlock between the valve handle and reset button, which allows for resetting the valve to the pilot position only. The handle incorporates a lock button to prevent accidentally turning off the valve. The lock button must be lifted to permit turning the plug valve to the Off position. The main burner may be throttled between the On and Pilot position through the use of the handle.

In the event of pilot flame outage, gas is shut off both to the main burner and pilot burner. The handle must be turned to the Pilot position to reset the valve and light the pilot burner. The pilot outlet is located on the right-hand side of the valve casting, when looking into the inlet of the control with the reset button up. The pilot connection is 1/4 cc. It flows toward the inlet of the control and is regulated with a pilot adjustment screw. The pilot connection is also available with the flow toward the outlet of the control.


H43 valves may be mounted in any convenient position with the reset button and manual valve handle accessible.

Replaces Part Numbers: H43BA-5, CARH43BA-5

  Model: GSV43BA5H

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