1/2" G92 Series BASOTROL? Automatic Pilot Gas Valve 120V

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Manufacturer: Baso Gas Products

Description: 1/2 AUTO PILOT & GAS VLV 120V


Gas Valves

G92 Series BASOTROL® Automatic Pilot Gas Valve

The G92 Series BASOTROL gas valve combines the

automatic pilot valve and automatic main valve

functions in one valve. Typical applications include

central heating units, unit heaters, commercial clothes

dryers, and similar applications. Bipolar magnetic

operator construction provides dependable operation

and long life.

Features and Benefits

Bipolar Magnetic Operator


Provides dependable operation and long life

Numerous Magnetic

Operator Cover Styles


Allows various mounting options and

connection choices to best suit your


Compact Design Permits installation in dimensionally restricted


Selectable Pilot Tap


Provides application flexibility


The G92 valves can be used with natural gas,

Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas, and LP gas-air

mixtures, at pressures up to 0.5 psi (35 mbar). The

G92 is suitable for operation over a temperature range

of -30 to 175°F (-34 to 79°C). Models with a rotor B

valve are suitable for operation over a temperature

range of 32 to 175°F (0 to 79°C).

Note: This unit should be used only in applications

that are within the limitations and provisions of the

applicable American National and/or Underwriters

Laboratories® (UL) standards.


The G92 valves are 100% shutoff valves. They are

supplied with a standard magnetic operator. Bipolar

magnetic operator construction reduces the possibility

of the valves’ sticking in the open position from

residual magnetism or from mechanical interference.


G92 valves may be mounted on a horizontal manifold

with the magnetic operator pointed up (vertical) or in a

position not exceeding 90° from vertical. They may

also be mounted on a vertical manifold in any position

around its axis

Replaces Part Numbers: G92DAB-1, CARG92DAB-1

Model: GSV92DAB1

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